and we are still
Loving God.  Loving People.  Together.

Loving God with all your heart (thoughts and feelings), soul (the ability to think & execute), and mind (understanding & imagination) includes  choosing to let Him love you after you've missed the mark AND choosing to love Him after you think or feel He has missed your mark.  It's about you relieving God from having to meet conditions before giving and receiving love, then it's about relieving your neighbor (a person who is near you) from having to meet conditions before receiving your love or at the least,
the same love God has given you.  
At EEC, there is no changing, reaching, giving, and teaching without the unconditional love of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  Your expected end is embedded in God's love and there is room for you at EEC to discover that kind of love, and it's benefits, in Christ our Lord.

"My God! Thank You for the reset 🙌🏾

- Florida

"The Word is a blessing to my perspective!"

- New Jersey

"Your message today sealed and confirmed something for me that I'm dealing with.  I know that the Holy Spirit is connecting us."

- Virginia
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